Director / filmmaker / photographer

Kakimoto has been active as a filmmaker and a photographer focusing on films, TV commercials and music videos. He values cutting out and filming the air, body temperature and feelings which cannot be expressed with words, and creates work with the motto, “Think globally Act locally.” While still being a student, he experienced being an Assistant Director of films, TV commercials and music videos, and Kakimoto began working on film production, together with Director Mr. Hiryoyuki Nakano, as the youngest member of the film production group, “Peace Brothers.” In 2005, he produced the feature-length film “COLORS.” With the film “Sleeping Flower”, he made his first theater debut. Since then, Kakimoto continues to actively produce film works as a Director & D.O.P in TV commercials and music videos, and he has won numerous awards at Film Festivals and International Advertising Festivals. He has also expanded his work not only in Japan but also outside Japan to Europe, U.S.A. and Asia. In 2012, “UGLY” and “LIGHT UP NIPPON” was released. In 2015, short-feature film “All for Cinema” was released across Japan. In 2016, photo exhibition “TRANSLATOR” was held at Daikanyama Hillside Forum.
映像作家、写真家として映画、TV-CM、MUSIC VIDEO 等を中心に活動。
言葉では表現できない空気、体温、感情を切り撮ることを大切にし、Think globally Act locallyをモットーに作品制作を行う。
学生時代より、映画、TV-CM、MUSIC VIDEO等で助監督を経験しながら、作品の制作を始め、中野裕之監督と共に映像制作集団『ピースブラザース』の末っ子として活動。
以後、ディレクター&D.O.PとしてTV-CMやMUSIC VIDEOの分野で精力的に作品を制作し続け、数々のFilm Festival、 International Advertising FestivalでAWARDを受賞。

2012年、映画『UGLY』『LIGHT UP NIPPON』を公開。
2015年、短編映画『All for Cinema』を全国公開。